Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor Bar

Conductor Bars are 14.76 ft long (4.5 meters) and available in 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, and 400A amp capacities. splice joints are preattached on one end of each bar. Insulating Covers are pre-installed to each bar.

Product Features:

  • 100 to 400 Amps

Power Feeds

Enable connection of the power source to the bar system, either from the end of a short system or on top of bar splice joints in a longer system. The number of Power Feeds used and their placement must be such that the voltage drop along the system is never more than 3%.

Bar Hardware


  • Splice conductor bars together to make longer runs
  • Cover the joints (these are NOT include with the bar assembly
  • Cap the bar ends (also not included with conductor bar assemblies)
  • Guide the collector assemblies on and off the bar ("Pickup Guides")

Collector Brackets

Collector Brackets are attached to the moving machine to hold the collector assembly(s) in the correct position relative to the conductor bar(s).

Mounting Hardware

Conductor Bars are mounted to the crane runway by means of:

  • Flange Brackets that mount to the top of the crane system beam, or
  • Web Brackets that mount to the "web surface " of the beam


Collector Assemblies

Collector Shoes

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