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 ACI Electric Chain Hoists are available hook or trolley mounted, and provide a price/quality ratio that is the best in the industry.

Standard features include:
  • Capacity Range: 1/4 to 20 Ton.
  • h4 duty rating
  • Upper & lower power limit switch (cuts power directly to the motor). This safety device required in hot metal and critical uses.
  • Lifetime lubricated gears and bearings
  • Heavy Duty, wear-resistant load chain.
  • Mechanical and electrical brakes standard
  • Troley Brake, drop lugs and bumpers standard.
  • sealed body suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh enviroments.
  • High perfomance mechanically and electrically interlocked contactor.
  • Motorized trolley with side roller system maneuvers smoothly trhough turns.

Dual Spped, Three-Phase Electric Chain Hoists Provide The Cycle, Durability and Ease of Operation Needed to Support Any Heavy Lifting Application

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Model Number Standard Lift Standard Speed (FPM) Motor HP (3 Phase) Hook Mounted Hoists With Trolleys
 Push Trolley  Hand Geared  Motorized Trolley
Weight (lbs) Price Weight (lbs) Price Weight (lbs) Price Weight (lbs) Price
1/47 ton capacity
ECH-00518 10 18 1.3 138 1369 259 1481 169 1609 304 3017
ECH-00526 10 26 1.3 138 1348 259 1481 169 1609 304 3017
ECH-00544 10 44 2 138 1821 259 1933 169 2061 304 3538

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