Componentes de la Grua

Ofrecemos todas las compenentes de la grúa así como sistemas completos (totalmente montados e instalados).

También ofrecemos asistencia en el apresto del haz, el diseño y la fabricación. Nuestro objetivo es fabricar un producto que puede estar orgulloso al precio más bajo para usted.


  • Carros Testeros
    -    Sobrerieles o colgante
    -    Mono o doble viga
    -    Machine and hardened end truck wheels for a long system life
    -    Push, geared, or dual drive motors (one per end truck) with bridge speed of your choice
    -    Bridge brakes as required by OSHA
    -    Bumpers and rail sweeps included standard
  • Caja de Control
    -   Lockable-disconnect as required by OSHA
    -   Mainline disconnect operated from the pendant. This provides an extra level of safety by allowing the operator to immediately disconnect power if a relay sticks, or if other issues arise.
    -   Only one fused transformer for all controls. Many manufacturers use a separate transformer for the hoist and bridge; this can cause electrical feedback problems, which lengthen and complicated troubleshooting.
    -   End truck relays
    -   Mounting frame to mount control box to crane
  • Polipasto
    -    Polipasto de cable, eléctricos, o manual
    -    Custom configuration of each hoist available to suit your application
  • Botoneras Colgantes
    -    Sola o doble velocidad controles and momentary or maintain on/off mainline switch
    -    Pendant wire
    -    Strain relief cable
    -    Grommets, connectors, and hardware
  • Sistema de festoon
    -    All hardware and brackets to mount to bridge crane
    -    C track type system with trolleys.
    -    Flat festoon cable for both control and power wire to hoist
  • ASCE raíl
    -    With hook bolts and splice plates. Adjustable hook bolts allow for future alignment.
  • Conduit and wiring to bring power and break controls to end truck motors
    -    All connectors, flex tubing, and conduit to run from control box to end truck motors
    -    16 AWG color coded and labeled conductors


We can pre-wire the system including:

  • Wiring the pendant
  • Terminating the festoon wires into the bridge control box
  • Terminating the festoon wires into the hoist
  • Wiring a power wire to connect to the collector show assembly
  • Terminating end truck wiring in control box (you would still need to connect the other end to the motors


  • We provide on-site assistance as needed: everything from a single senior fabricator, who will ensure your staff installs the kit properly, to a full crew that can do the work for you.


Recomendamos las siguientes opciones:
  • Strobe light activated on motion to warn others of crane and hoist movement.
  • Independent pendant festoon allows the operator to stand next to or away from large or long loads. Pendant control stations run on separate tracks, instead of hanging from the hoist, and can be moved immediately across the entire span.
  • Pendant operated horn to warn others of danger. OSHA states that systems "should" have a horn. While "should" is not mandatory, we strongly recommend them for the added safety benefits.
  • Dual power collectors. As a system ages, corrosion may occur in less used sections. The extra collector virtually eliminates potential phase loss, which causes equipment malfunction.
  • Remote control with extra transmitter
  • Increased wheel diameters. Larger wheels and motors reduce wear and stress, greatly increasing the life of the system.
  • Multistep, infinitely-variable speed on bridge control. With variable speed control, the speed ramps up and down at a programmed rate, reducing load swing. Variable drives also allow very slow speeds when positioning loads, medium when traveling with large loads, or fast for no loads. The bridge speeds can also be increased to 150 FPM (a variable drive system allows speeds to be set to your specific needs).
  • Variable drive on trolley and hoist motion
  • Electrical Regeneration Unit. This unit uses energy to literally "feed" power back into the supply line. Typical electrical savings are 40%. Brake life is also increased.

Fill out the following information and our team will put together an estimate of your preferred system and get in touch with you.






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